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    NSA Panama City, FL Local Information

    NSA Panama City is located near Panama City, Florida, in Bay County. Panama City has a population of 36,485 people. Nearby communities are Upper Grand Lagoon (population 13,965), Panama City Beach (12,020), Callaway (14,405), Lynn Haven (18,500), and Laguna Beach (3,930).

    Local Housing Rental Prices: The average price to rent a home in Panama City ranges from $465 to $775, with a median of about $645 per month. The average rent in Panama City Beach is $940, and Upper Grand Lagoon is $720.

    Local Housing Purchase Prices: The average cost to buy a home in the Bay County area is $175,500, compared to $171,000 for Florida.

    Short Description of the Area: Panama City is part of the Panama City-Lynn Haven metro area. Saint Andrew Bay separates NSA Panama City from the actual city of Panama City, however it is a very short drive across the bridge. Panama City is 97 miles east of Pensacola and about 110 miles southwest of Tallahassee in the panhandle of northwestern Florida. The panhandle is bordered by the Gulf of Mexico to the south and the states of Alabama and Georgia to the north. Tyndall Air Force Base is located just about 20 miles south of base.

    Climate and Weather: The subtropical climate in Panama City creates long, humid summers and shorter, often mild winters. The average high temperature in July is 91 degrees Fahrenheit, while the low is 71 degrees. In January, the high temperature is 62 and the low is 38 on average. Tornadoes, hurricanes, and strong thunderstorms are quite common in this area and can do severe damage. Much of the 64 inches of annual precipitation can occur, thanks to these storms, over the hotter months, but there are still well over 300 days of sunshine every year.